How’s it going?

Hi! I renewed my blog 3 days ago, but the contents ware so simple. So, I’ll write my daily life more concretely than the day. I found a enjoyable movie. This movie is it!
He is a character “Gachapin”. He has a good motor nerve. This movie is the scene which he playes skating. I played skating two days ago, but It didn’t get along then. So, I admire him because he can play skating very well. I also want to be a good skater like a him. It isn’t my daily life…sorry. Have a happy christmas day♪



I  renewed my blog for a long time.

How’ it going, everyone?

I wish you a Happy New Year !

The Treasure Chest

The children go on an underwater adventure.

Today I read “The Treasure Chest”. Every week children went to the swimming pool. The children were good swimmers. The children were taking a swimming test. Biff, Chip, and Nadim jumped into the pool. They had to swim up and down the pool. Wilma was first to swim ten lengths and Biff and Nadim were next. Finaly, Chip went on and everyone was pleased. All the children passed the swimming test. The children were pleased. They told Mum and Dad about the swimming test. Mum and Dad were very pleased. Mum and Dud had a surprise fr them. They bought a fish tank. The children were very surprised and pleased. And they went to play in Biff’s room. Chip ran in with the magic key. The key was glowing. The magic took them underwater. To be continue. Would you read this story by yourself?

The Treasure Chest(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxfor Reading Tree, UK


The Rainbow Machine

The magic key takes the children to a machine that make the rainbow.

But things go badly wrong when Nadim tries to make it work.

Today I read the”The Rainbow Machine”. It was raining, but the sun was shining at the same time. They wondered where the rainbow begins. In a place far away, there was a lorry. The machine could meke rainbows. So the machine was called The Rainbow Machine. They made sure it worked properly. After they made sure it, they pressed a button and the rainbow shot out of the machine. Often the children ran towards it. They wanted to find the end of the rainbow, and play in all the colours, but they never could. One day, a maker “Fred” climbed into the driver’s cab and drove away lonely. Unfortunately, the lorry stuck in the mud. Then, Biff and Chip came trough it with Wilf, Nadim and Anneena. The magic key took them there. To be continue. The story is so interesting. Would you read this story by yourself?

The Rainbow Machine(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK

Dutch Adventure

Today I read the “Dutch Adventure”. Chip and Biff were taken to the supermarket by Dad. They went to the chese counter. Dad bought four cheses and two caps for children. Dad couldn’t put in his car. So he put the cheses on top of the car. Then, a dog ran into the road. Dad stopped suddenly. The cheses slid off the roof. Two of the cheses were run over by a lorry. Only one was all tight. At home, suddenly the key glowed. The magic took them back in time. It tool them to Holland. They try to finf a village. A horse and cart came along. A boy was driving it. His name is Hans. He was taking cheses to market. They went pasr a man on a bicycle. At that moment a wheel came off the cart. To be continue. This story is so fun. Would you read this book by yourself?

Dutch Adventure(2003), Roderick Hunt,Oxford Reading Tree, UK

Land of the Dinosaurs

The children are making dinosaur models when the magic begins again.

Today I read the ” Land of the Dinosaurs”. Chip and his friends went on a magic adventure by the magic key’s power. The magic took the children to the land of the dinosaurs. Of course, they have never seen a dinosaur. Then, Chip found a footprint. It was agiant footprint. They thought it must be a dinoasur’s footprint. On the other hand, Nadim found some eggs and one of the eggs began to crack. A small dinosaur appeared in a egg. Suddenly, a flying dinosaur appeared. The flying dinosaur flew down to the egg and picked up the little dinosaur in its teeth. Then, Biff picked up a stick and ran out. The dinosaur went away. To be continue.

Land of the Dinosaurs(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK

Red Planet

Today I read the “Red Planet”. Wilf and Chip made a rocket ship out of bits and pieces. Nadim also came to play. Just then, it began to rain. They decided to go inside and play with Nadim’s cimputer. They played a game on his computer. He was good at the game. Suddenly, the magic key began to glow. The magic took them to a rocket ship. The door was open and they went insaide. Floppy jumped up and put his paw on a botton. Suddenly, the rocket began to take off. Up it went and out into space. They went to the window and looked out. They saw a big red planet. They landed the red planet. They put own spacesuits on. They went out on the planet in the buggy. Suddenly, the ground cracked and a big hole opened up. To be continue.

Red Planet(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK

The Lost Key

Today I read the “The Lost Key”. Kipper wanted a magic adventure again, but the magic key wouldn’t glow. Then, he went shopping with his mother. On the way to the shops, his mother let Kipper stop and play in a park. Unfortunately, the key fell out of his pocket. When he was in a shops, he realized that he fell the key in a park. He returned to the park, but his mother would not let him because it had started to rain. Then, a man came to cut the grass in the park. The key broken the mower. He threw the magic key in a bin. In the future, the key was brought to several places. If you want to know more, would you read this book by oneself?

The Lost Key(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK

The Stolen Crown Part2

Today I read the “The Stolen Crown Part2”. I have already read Part1. Biff, Chip, and Henry were closed in a prison. Because they were suspected that they stole the crown. They explained their being not guilty, but guards didn’t recieve their opinion. After that, Chip noticed the real criminal. When a guard heard it, he begant to get away to take the crown back because he wanted to be a king. Chirdren succeeded in finding the man who stole the crown. They took the crown back. And Henry became a king in the country, because he had the crown on his head.

The Stolen Crown Part2(2007), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK


Today I read the “Superdog”. A family was watching the “Dog of the Year Show” on TV. They ware excited the TV program. Some chirdren in the family thought made my dog do ran quickly. The dog’s name is Floppy. He didn’t want to ran quickly because he was old. He thought “I don’t want to be Dog of the Year.” “I just want to be left alone.”. Then the magic kye began to work. Floppy was in a big city. He never seen so many people. There he helped a lot of people. He called “Superdog” by everyone. But When he returned a real world, he was called “Bad dog”. He was so disappointed.

Superdog(2003), Roderick Hunt, Oxford Reading Tree, UK